20 Years at 2021

Natural Health Supply 20 Years

January 2021 marks our 20th anniversary in the business of providing pure and potent products recommended by Hulda Clark. We came across Dr. Clark’s books in 1996, and had been sharing the treasure trove of health and wellness information with friends and family, but it wasn’t until 2001 when we decided to open ourselves up to the rest of the world online. Now more than ever we believe in the lifestyle and methods of self health that Hulda Clark wrote about in her books.

Come celebrate with us! Prepare for the coming new year with healthy habits of self care. Join Hazel in her kitchen as she demonstrates the use of the Hulda Clark Zapper and Zappicator. She will be on Facebook Live on Monday December 28 and then again on Instagram Live on Tuesday December 29, both days at 11 am Eastern Time. See you soon!

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Self Health Books by Hulda Clark

Listen to excerpts from the books by Hulda Clark. You’ll learn practical advice on ways to avoid the many pollutants found in mass produced products, recipes for traditional herbal cleanses like the herbal parasite cleanse, kidney cleanse, and liver cleanse, and information about the Hulda Clark Zapper, a hand-held frequency device that targets many common germs.

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Self Health is Self Care

As we continue to shelter at home during this pandemic, it’s more important than ever to learn about self health. Dr. Hulda Clark coined the term self health and wrote many books for regular everyday people so we could learn different ways to care for ourselves and our families. Thousands of people have read Hulda Clark’s books and swear by her self health methods.

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