Dear Immune System, I Believe in You

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“PCBs are toxins that get trapped in white blood cells’ membranes. Since the membranes are made of fat, and PCBs dissolve in fat, it is understandable why the white cells lose their special powers. That is where their special sensors are located. 

“The main source of PCBs is the chlorox bleach added to about half the population’s drinking water. Food manufacturers use this same water to prepare processed food. Because all of the produce in the market has been washed several times, and moved through different water zones, most of it acquires PCBs.”

Excerpt from the book, The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers by Hulda Clark, pages 304-305

Take care of your immune system. Only you can. No government or large corporation will care more about your health than you. Don’t wait years before big corporations recall products loaded with toxic chemicals. What is legally allowed may not necessarily be good for you. Protect your immune system and it will protect you. 

Dr. Clark used a syncrometer, a device of her own invention, to test for toxic chemicals in bodies and products. We have seen beautiful syncrometers being built in France with English-language training materials. Please reply to this email and let us know if you are interested in purchasing a syncrometer and learning how to use it. 

You can also learn about toxic chemicals, their effects on our bodies, and how to replace them with healthier options from books by Hulda Clark.

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Listen to excerpts from the book, “The Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark. These podcasts tackle headaches, eye pain, tooth ache, earache… and more to come from neck below.

Zapper Tips

Zap together with your family and friends, including your household pets. It’s a great way to demonstrate how the Hulda Clark Zapper works. Find out more in this animated video.

Green salad feels like the last thing our bodies need on a cold winter day when we’re craving rich hot soup but believe me when I say that this is what we need most of all. Fresh fruit and vegetables keep us hydrated while we’re indoors with dry heat.

We use the Food Zappicator to make fresh produce even better. After zappicating, we top our salad with raw sauerkraut for beneficial bacteria and probiotics. Find out more info about the Food Zappicator.