Health and Renewal 🎉

Wishing one and all health and renewal in 2023 🎉

Do something, any little thing, that says, “I celebrate life, just the way life is.”

I made myself this simple salad: greens, tomato slices, pomegranate seeds. Zappicate for 10 minutes while reflecting on the blessings of organic food and the farmers who grew them. After zappicating, top with raw sauerkraut for dairy-free probiotics.

What does a Food Zappicator do?

@huldaclark What does a Food Zappicator do? ⚡️ #huldaclark #parasites #nutrition ♬ original sound – Hulda Clark

From “The Prevention of All Cancers” by Hulda Clark is information about magnetic polarization of food and zappication. Here are her findings:

“1… The d-amino acids are changed to l-amino acids. Remember, the body considers d-amino acids as allergens; it only uses l-forms…

“2. It changes the polarization of food to north, if the north side of the magnet faces the food. Food has been made ‘fresher.’

“3. Most bacteria, viruses, and parasite eggs can’t be detected afterwards…

“4. Benzene gets oxidized to phenol, at least at trace levels. PCBs disappear…

“5. Phenolic food antigens disappear…”

But wait, there’s more. Get the book, “The Prevention of All Cancers” by Hulda Clark 🌅

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