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Zapper and Herbal Parasite Cleanse

Not tomorrow
Or the day after that.

Today is a good day to start zapping and doing the Herbal Parasite Cleanse.

Question about how to use the 1 kHz and 30 kHz frequency settings on the Hulda Clark Zapper

The Hulda Clark Zapper comes with copper handles so you’re ready to zap as soon as you unbox your package.

THEN, you can use the same Dual Frequency Hulda Clark Zapper unit to connect to a North Pole Speaker Box (sold separately) and zappicate food, beverage, or anything that can’t hold onto handles (like pets).

Raw fruits and vegetables benefit the most from zappicating. We use the Food Zappicator to make all the good food from our local farmers markets even better.

Hulda Clark Zapper Repair

It’s rare when we get any of our Hulda Clark Zappers back for repair, but you’ll be glad to know that we offer a lifetime warranty on the units. If it is beyond repair, we simply send you a replacement. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since you bought it. We stand by our units and we stand by you.